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How To Red Roast Peppers

By SkinnyandMini | April 26, 2009

Everyone enjoys roasted red peppers. Of course you can buy them in a jar but there is nothing like roasting them yourself. The fresh taste of roasted red peppers is amazing.

It is easy to roast red peppers. First, rinse your peppers and remove any labels/stickers. Then place your peppers directly on the stove grates using tongs. This works for gas grills or you can grill them. If you have an electric stove you will have to make them in the oven. Now turn the stove top on so your peppers are directly over the flame. As the pepper becomes black be sure to turn it so the entire pepper becomes black evenly. * Be sure to use tongs. After the entire pepper is black transfer pepper into bowl or container and cover tightly with plastic wrap. It is important to keep all the steam in. This is called sweating the pepper. After pepper is cool remove plastic wrap and transfer pepper to cutting board. Now begin to peel the black off the pepper. Also be sure to cut pepper open and remove all seeds and stem. The pepper will release some liquid so be prepared with a towel.

Now you are ready to cut your roasted red peppers. Slice your roasted peppers and place in bowl with olive oil, garlic, and fresh or dry herbs to marinate. Your roasted red peppers are ready to serve. Enjoy!

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