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Sautéing Tips

By SkinnyandMini | May 16, 2009

Tips for Sautéing Foods
• Cut food items the same size to ensure even cooking.
• Preheat pan over medium to medium-high heat
• Add a small amount of oil to your hot pan. Choose oil with a high smoke point – for example, canola, corn, safflower, or soybean. (I avoid peanut oil in case someone has a peanut allergy.)
• Leave some space about an inch between pieces of food. Do not overcrowd pan or food will not cook evenly.
• Food should release easily from the pan when it has browned enough.
• Be sure to toss and turn food. It is important to keep food moving or it will stick and burn.
• When heating your oil it has 3 stages. First oil “dimples”, then it ripples, then it smokes. You want to add food when it ripples, before it reaches the smoking point. Different fats and oils have different smoke points.

Foods That Are Better When Sauteed
• Onions, peppers, and mushrooms are best used if sauteed prior to using them in a dish. For example when I make my vegetable egg white omelets I always make sure to saute my onions, peppers, and mushrooms before adding them. In addition, these sauteed items are great on cheesesteaks and any other sandwich you make.

• The first step of making any stock and most sauces is sauteing mirepoix.

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