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Bacon vs Turkey Bacon

By SkinnyandMini | June 8, 2009

Many people seem to believe that turkey bacon is healthier for you than regular bacon. This is not true. In fact, turkey bacon is unhealthier than bacon. As a consumer of bacon products you are lead to believe that turkey bacon has half the fat then regular bacon. This is also untrue. As a certified chef (Cooking With Skinny And Mini) and nutritionist I decided to compare bacon and turkey bacon and this is what I found.

When looking at the nutrition facts on the package you must pay close attention! This is how companies use marketing tactics to deceive people. First, turkey bacon has a serving size of one piece of turkey bacon approximately 15g. Regular bacon has a serving size of two pieces of bacon approximately 14g. Therefore, 2 pieces of regular bacon are equaled to 1 piece of turkey bacon.

Now here is the catch. One piece of turkey bacon has 180mg of sodium where as the two pieces of regular bacon has 290mg of sodium (145mg per piece). Next, the one piece of turkey bacon has 3g of fat and the two pieces of regular bacon have 6g, which is only 3g per piece. What is amazing is that they both have the same amount of cholesterol at 15mg but again you get two pieces of regular bacon and only one piece of turkey bacon.

Finally, what most people pay attention to are the calories? Turkey bacon per slice has 35 calories and 25 calories from fat. Regular bacon per two slices has 70 calories and 50 calories from fat but again you are getting two pieces so divide that in half and you have the same amount per slice as turkey bacon.

Again it is simply marketing and this is how they get away with saying that turkey bacon is “50% Less Fat than USDA data for pork bacon”.

Chef Doug

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Bacon Nutritional Facts



Turkey Bacon Nutritional Facts

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