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What Are Shallots

By SkinnyandMini | September 12, 2009

Shallots are considered members of the onion family, but are smaller than onions and look more like garlic. Inside, shallots do not have concentric structures like onions, but are sectioned into cloves like garlic. The white flesh of shallots can have either red or purple streaks similar to a red or purple onion. Shallots are strong, rich-tasting and reminiscent of both onions and garlic. They are also sometimes known as eschallots.

Some shallots have coppery brown skin, while others are pinkish or a greyish-brown. The French grey shallot is called a griselle and many French chefs prefer using grey shallots in their cuisine because of their strong and delicious flavor. Many of the shallots sold in the United States are imported from France.

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