Who are Cooking With Skinny and Mini?
Cooking With Skinny and Mini consists of the fun duo Chef Doug Miller and Chuck Love. Chef Doug Miller brings his ten plus years of culinary skills and outgoing personality as he┬áteaches you everything you need to know to learn how to cook. Chuck Love is a perfect Sous Chef standing at 3’6″. He brings his little people skills to the table along with his funny and witty personality.

What is Cooking With Skinny and Mini?
Cooking With Skinny and Mini was a concept developed by Chef Doug and Chuck Love in order to utilize their culinary skills and have fun while teaching others culinary arts.

When was Cooking With Skinny and Mini created?
Cooking with Skinny and Mini was created in April of 2008. That is when we shot our first cooking video. We had them online but decided to dedicate an entire website in April of 2009.

What culinary school did Chef Doug attend?
Chef Doug graduated from The Restaurant School of Philadelphia.

How can I ask Chef Doug or Chuck Love a question.
You can email your questions to cookingwithskinnyandmini@yahoo.com

I have a dish I would like for Cooking With Skinny and Mini to make how do I submit it?
Again you can email us at cookingwithskinnyandmini@yahoo.com

Do you have a youtube page?
Yes you can visit us at youtube.com/chefskinnyandmini

Do you have a myspace page?
Yes we do. It is myspace.com/chefdougmiller